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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


(April 15, 2009)

Sometimes we're angry.
Sometimes we're glad.
Sometimes we're weepy.
Sometimes we're sad.

Sometimes we laugh and there's no reason why.
Sometimes we feel we could just up and die.
Sometimes we look for the positive way.
Sometimes we wonder if there'll be another day.

Sometimes we listen and hear nothing new.
Sometimes we reason that there's too much to do.
Sometimes we're amazed by the friends that we know.
Sometimes we're dazed by the love that they show.

Sometimes we listen to each other breathe.
Sometimes we wish that we wouldn't have to leave.
Sometimes we think that we are just lucky.
Sometimes we love when things are "just ducky".

Sometimes we watch too much for a sign.
Sometimes we wish it would just turn benign.
Sometimes we wonder how God could do this.
Sometimes we ponder why He gave us such bliss.

Sometimes we think that God isn't "up there".
Sometimes we doubt that He really does care.
Sometimes we contemplate His all-knowing nature.
Sometimes we can't believe we're His creature.

Sometimes "we're fine!" with a wink and a nod.
Sometimes we just don't know where to trod.
Sometimes we wish for another new day.
Sometimes we feel that every thing's grey.

But at all times our faith is in God whom we trust.
And at all times we know whether in boom or in bust.
That in all times He shows us that He is the one.
Because of the love of His very own Son.

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