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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


(August 27, 2010)

My son was waxing verbose, late one night,
And commented on something low, but quite bright.
The moon was rising and quick as a mouse,
He said "That moon is known as Gibbous".

I said "to me it just looks 'more than half-full' "
And then there was silence - a conversational lull.
He commented, then:  "everyone knows of that term!"
Implying that I yet had something to learn.

I sat there, just thinking about how to retort
When then he went on with some gusto and sport,
"Hah!  I got you there, now I'm smarter than you!"
But I sat there quiet, like a saint in a pew.

He rambled on - still quite sure of himself,
'Til he ran out of words, looking pleased as an elf.
Then I said "you'd better watch your verbosity,
Or I'll get up and smother you with my ample Gibbosity."

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