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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


(January 3, 2010)

Today I write because I feel depression or some stress.
Yet there is a ray of hope draped upon me like a dress.
Tonight I lie here sleeping, maybe under some duress
'Cause there I find in slumber nothing more and nothing less;

I move one way, and then I feel it in the front
Crouched like batter in a game and trying to just to bunt
But I like football more and so I wonder and I grunt
That I would wind up better if I could now just punt;

I turn and push and yet it's persistence is still there
It sometimes is tenacious, and snarls like a bear
and most times it just lies there, quite solid like a chair
Frustrated, I would kill it now, if I would only dare:

Yet off to work I go from dawn until the dark
And then when I come home - from the moment that I park
There sometimes comes his shrill and chilling, grating, bark
to tell me he's there now, as playful as a lark: 

But I still walk and feed him and I think that I will say
that I would probly miss him each and every day
So for his love and tricks and trying hard, he "stays"
So I will take his warmth now, forever and always:

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