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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swedish Guy's Night Out

(Late November, 2011)

Eight Swedes were out on a cold winter night,
The sky, it was clear and the moon was so bright.
The task was to find something really quite great
And try to be home by a quarter to eight.

Alas they must travel, what else could they do?
But find a great treasure in a town called Goodhue.
Yes they drove lots of miles and they took a big risk
Just to go and find a good stash of Lutefisk.

Oh they supped and they dined and they ate quite a lot,
Even tho with the smell they thought they might rot.
Good times were had talking about the old days,
They had some good laughs in lots of fun ways.

Meatballs were consumed and a some boiled rutabagas,
The buffet was as scrumptious as anywhere in Vegas.
But then someone said it is time we must part,
And the evening just ended, with a big comfy fart...

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