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Friday, March 2, 2012

Number 2 (A Post Surgery Poem - I was probably on drugs - or not)

(May, 2010)

"Number 2", "Number 2", "Number 2 ", yes, "Number 2",
This is what they ask you:  "Have you done a Number 2"!
3 or 4 or 5 - these numbers simply cannot do. 
To get out of there you have to do a Number 2.

Number 1 is good, if you will do it with a flair.
But number 2 is wonderful even if you foul  the air. 
Number 3 - you might think - that it was even better
But number 2 is what you need if you're a "stander" or a "setter."

I didn't do it right away, and that caused some concern
I simply didn't understand the meaning of the term.
Sometimes I count in binary - I'd get the meaning then.
All they'd have to ask for, would have been a number 10. 

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