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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

December 11, 2009

My song for Jenny's Wedding (without comment) that I sang to the tune of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" - not the traditional, but the Casting Crowns version...

I hear the bells at Christmas time
And wax nostalgic and sublime
I think its good and really neat
To know two people who are so sweet 
And now we meet together
We’re braving winter weather
To wish them love forever
Jenny and Juan are wed today 
We pay respect to mothers gone
To be without them seems too wrong
But family’s come together now
To bless our children in their vow
And with friends we gather
With sisters and with brothers
Does anybody wonder 
Why jenny and Juan are wed today?
I love them both, that much I’ll say
And pray for them each and every day 
God bless you both, on Him depend,
These prayers for you I’ll always send
Sometime I’ll send you on your way
El Salvador is warm they say
I’ll save up my vacation time
And on a beach I’ll make more rhyme. 
Juan, take care of my daughter
Always just like you ought-er
Or face the wrath of a father
Jenny and Juan, you’re wed today
Do you feel the love I’m bringin’
In this song that I am singin’
With all my heart I say it: que Dios les bendiga
Jenny and Juan
Jenny and Juan
Jenny and Juan
God bless you!

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