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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Whiner

I took my Ambien thinking i'd sleep,
A restful long night.
When inside of my dreams there was something - a creep,
That gave me a fright.

I can't hide from things that my mind has to fear,
Until the right time.
I wake up, disturbed by what I now hear:
A soft high pitched whine.

Coming out of my slumber I sit up in anger,
My dog's sitting there.
I look, and he looks, he's now in high danger
Of me pulling his hair.

What does he want now, some water or food
Poured into his bowl?
My thought is:  some poison!  Yes that would be good!
But I'm stayed by my soul.

So I condescend with some food for his tummy,
Yes, that will be fine.
But he just dances around like a dunce or a dummy,
"I'll get him some wine!"

He's drunk with some purpose, it's haunting my dreams.
I'm trying to balk
From giving right in to what it just seems:
A short little walk.

It's cold outside, me in shirt and some shorts,
I hope it is dark?
'cause I'm not getting dressed when I head for out doors.
Then hear a loud bark.

A walk, yes, I think, just shaking my head,
He looks right at me.
My "Jammie's" still on - he should be shot dead,
But he just has to pee

This verse is now written, back in bed for a spell,
and I cannot sleep,
My brain is awake, tho not thinking too well
I believe he's a creep.

So I write here in silence and stare at the ceiling,
My eyes open wide.
Thinking He should be happy, in thanks should be kneeling....
He just snores at my side.
A website, by me, of some of my verse!
Some poems will be better and some will be worse
No reason for rhyme, this is part of the fun
Now that I've started, am I under the gun?

Perhaps 'round these verses will be buttons to press
Then you'll find more of my stuff - till I learn how to dress
up this sight with pictures and sound
So all of your senses will maybe be drowned.

In past years, till now, and way far beyond
I have written some verse to throw into the pond
of reflection, and some times the falls of poor humor
Not all of it's great, is the talk and the rumor.

But it's mine, and it mostly came out of my brain
Inspired by love, and sometimes by pain
Sometimes it's just a thought popping my head
So I write it down and hope that you'll get it instead

I know this is most times just verses of rhyme
But sometimes I really will take quite some time
To put down deep things that come mostly at night
And mayhaps you'll think that my head isn't right

But it's me.  And you don't have to follow this blog
For sometimes I'll leave you in a bit of a fog
My purpose is oft to just make you blink
At others, it might be to just make you think.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Number 2 (A Post Surgery Poem - I was probably on drugs - or not)

(May, 2010)

"Number 2", "Number 2", "Number 2 ", yes, "Number 2",
This is what they ask you:  "Have you done a Number 2"!
3 or 4 or 5 - these numbers simply cannot do. 
To get out of there you have to do a Number 2.

Number 1 is good, if you will do it with a flair.
But number 2 is wonderful even if you foul  the air. 
Number 3 - you might think - that it was even better
But number 2 is what you need if you're a "stander" or a "setter."

I didn't do it right away, and that caused some concern
I simply didn't understand the meaning of the term.
Sometimes I count in binary - I'd get the meaning then.
All they'd have to ask for, would have been a number 10.