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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My nutritionist said I should eat more nut butters,
She said "they are good for you, and for most others."
But I have to admit that brown paste is not glamorous,
I'll have to get used to them, maybe even "enamorous."

"Put it on rice cakes.."  She said almost cheerfully,
I thought "not another Yule Gibbons!" most tearfully.
But she's been right before and I feel much better,
So I will do just what she says, but not always to the letter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To the Brown's

Two years ago now?  How time really flies!
Yet you remember like yesterday when your loved one just dies.
I know.  I remember.  I was there in your grief.
And in ways it's still hard, and in ways it's relief.

Relief  because you know where she's gone.
And quite possibly right now she is singing a song:
To her Lord up on high, what a glorious sight!
You'd like to sing with her, and well, you just might.

You can join her in remembering the mom that she was.
How she loved you and cared for you...   just because.
It's good to remember, and it's good to be sad,
It's ok - because then you can also be glad.

She's gone.  She no longer can talk to her child.
Or her husband, in soft tones, with eyes that are mild.
A house now is emptier, no voice from that room.
That you just took for granted each morning, or noon.

Yet she's here, in the things that you do every day.
She molded and shaped you, she's "in" you some way.
So you can go on, knowing some day you'll meet
And things then will be perfect, and good, and complete.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Whiner

I took my Ambien thinking i'd sleep,
A restful long night.
When inside of my dreams there was something - a creep,
That gave me a fright.

I can't hide from things that my mind has to fear,
Until the right time.
I wake up, disturbed by what I now hear:
A soft high pitched whine.

Coming out of my slumber I sit up in anger,
My dog's sitting there.
I look, and he looks, he's now in high danger
Of me pulling his hair.

What does he want now, some water or food
Poured into his bowl?
My thought is:  some poison!  Yes that would be good!
But I'm stayed by my soul.

So I condescend with some food for his tummy,
Yes, that will be fine.
But he just dances around like a dunce or a dummy,
"I'll get him some wine!"

He's drunk with some purpose, it's haunting my dreams.
I'm trying to balk
From giving right in to what it just seems:
A short little walk.

It's cold outside, me in shirt and some shorts,
I hope it is dark?
'cause I'm not getting dressed when I head for out doors.
Then hear a loud bark.

A walk, yes, I think, just shaking my head,
He looks right at me.
My "Jammie's" still on - he should be shot dead,
But he just has to pee

This verse is now written, back in bed for a spell,
and I cannot sleep,
My brain is awake, tho not thinking too well
I believe he's a creep.

So I write here in silence and stare at the ceiling,
My eyes open wide.
Thinking He should be happy, in thanks should be kneeling....
He just snores at my side.
A website, by me, of some of my verse!
Some poems will be better and some will be worse
No reason for rhyme, this is part of the fun
Now that I've started, am I under the gun?

Perhaps 'round these verses will be buttons to press
Then you'll find more of my stuff - till I learn how to dress
up this sight with pictures and sound
So all of your senses will maybe be drowned.

In past years, till now, and way far beyond
I have written some verse to throw into the pond
of reflection, and some times the falls of poor humor
Not all of it's great, is the talk and the rumor.

But it's mine, and it mostly came out of my brain
Inspired by love, and sometimes by pain
Sometimes it's just a thought popping my head
So I write it down and hope that you'll get it instead

I know this is most times just verses of rhyme
But sometimes I really will take quite some time
To put down deep things that come mostly at night
And mayhaps you'll think that my head isn't right

But it's me.  And you don't have to follow this blog
For sometimes I'll leave you in a bit of a fog
My purpose is oft to just make you blink
At others, it might be to just make you think.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Number 2 (A Post Surgery Poem - I was probably on drugs - or not)

(May, 2010)

"Number 2", "Number 2", "Number 2 ", yes, "Number 2",
This is what they ask you:  "Have you done a Number 2"!
3 or 4 or 5 - these numbers simply cannot do. 
To get out of there you have to do a Number 2.

Number 1 is good, if you will do it with a flair.
But number 2 is wonderful even if you foul  the air. 
Number 3 - you might think - that it was even better
But number 2 is what you need if you're a "stander" or a "setter."

I didn't do it right away, and that caused some concern
I simply didn't understand the meaning of the term.
Sometimes I count in binary - I'd get the meaning then.
All they'd have to ask for, would have been a number 10. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


(April 15, 2009)

Sometimes we're angry.
Sometimes we're glad.
Sometimes we're weepy.
Sometimes we're sad.

Sometimes we laugh and there's no reason why.
Sometimes we feel we could just up and die.
Sometimes we look for the positive way.
Sometimes we wonder if there'll be another day.

Sometimes we listen and hear nothing new.
Sometimes we reason that there's too much to do.
Sometimes we're amazed by the friends that we know.
Sometimes we're dazed by the love that they show.

Sometimes we listen to each other breathe.
Sometimes we wish that we wouldn't have to leave.
Sometimes we think that we are just lucky.
Sometimes we love when things are "just ducky".

Sometimes we watch too much for a sign.
Sometimes we wish it would just turn benign.
Sometimes we wonder how God could do this.
Sometimes we ponder why He gave us such bliss.

Sometimes we think that God isn't "up there".
Sometimes we doubt that He really does care.
Sometimes we contemplate His all-knowing nature.
Sometimes we can't believe we're His creature.

Sometimes "we're fine!" with a wink and a nod.
Sometimes we just don't know where to trod.
Sometimes we wish for another new day.
Sometimes we feel that every thing's grey.

But at all times our faith is in God whom we trust.
And at all times we know whether in boom or in bust.
That in all times He shows us that He is the one.
Because of the love of His very own Son.


“Now I lay me down to sleep
I will not, this night, fain to weep. 
Tonight I really think it best
To get a good night’s sleep and rest.

I do this ‘cause my family’s here
Each one that I hold near and dear.
One daughter, in which I’ve so much pride,
Some days she's mentor and and my guide.

One son is back from far away,
How much I love him I can’t say.
Our youngest is our Christmas Gift,
I think of him and get a lift.

My family is a special thing,
That’s why I gave my wife a ring.
And she’s the reason I am glad,
That I am married and a dad.

Graduation Song

my words, - most of them - 
Tune is "O Wondrous Love" by John Peterson
Sung by me at Cindy's Masters Degree Celebration, June 7th, 2009

At Beth-el College I found her.
She's the one 'twas meant for me.
She was Swedish and said "ya-sure"
When I asked:  My Wife, she'd be...
Oh wondrous love she laid upon my soul.
To be my wife and then I'd be made whole.
Through all my days and then in Heav'n above
My song will silence never, 
     I'll always love her ever,
           And thank the Lord who reigns above.
Thirty-three years now she's been my wife
That is why to her I sing.
God has given us a good life
and such joy He doth us bring.
Oh wondrous love He laid upon our soul.
When man and wife we were made whole.
Through all our days and then in Heav'n above
Our song will silence never, 
     He'll always love us ever,
           So we will thank the Lord above.


FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 1:59 PM, CST
I walked the dog this morning at eight.
It was quiet and calm.  Then I heard something great.
A tweet!  Yes, a real one.  Not the electronic kind.
A tweet!  Yes, a real one.  And it tickled my mind.

Could it be?  Was it really the harbinger of Spring?
Did I hear it correctly?  Yes!  My heart wanted to sing!
"Look UP, there's a Robin!"  I almost did cry.
But the dog doesn't care if the winter's gone by.

I miss..

(july 28, 2009 - the day after Cindy died)

I miss the "Hey, Johnson" when I come thru the door.
I miss the "take a Tylenol if your legs are so sore."
I miss the glance of "who will make supper?"
I miss all the things that were super-duper.

I miss laying down in our bedroom at night.
And listening for breaths, especially when they were slight.
I miss "brush your teeth" as a reminder to Willy
I miss her teasing him and making him feel silly.

I miss calling the doctor and asking for more pills
I miss being able to care for her ills.
I miss being able to get her some food.
I miss wondering whether we can do any good.

I miss saying to her:  "Who loves you today?"
And finding so many who had said they would pray.
I miss hearing her toothbrush, buzzing along.
I miss being able to sing her a song.

But most of all I miss her love for us four
Who still must go in and out of that door
To the world that just goes on in it's hurriedly way
Yet we still remember just what she would say:

"I love you guys, have a great time, and God bless."
"And don't do anything that will cause a big mess."
"Be sure to remember what God wants you to do."
"And then you'll be sure that He'll bring you right through." 

Just Desserts

(July 31, 2009)

I think that I shall never see, a poem as beautiful as a tree...
(nope, that's not it)

I think that trees will never be, as wooden as I think of me...
(nope, that's not it)

I think that I'm a crazy nut, who should go sit inside a hut...
(It's true, but nope, that's not it) 

I hope that I can finally think, of rhymes that do not make a stink...
(nope, that's not it either!)

AHA!  HERE'S the Rhyme I wanted!!!  ===>
(Inspired by desserts left for me to eat)

I think that I shall never be,
as happy as when, at home, I see;

a gift dropped off, before our eyes
a gift that was a big surprise!

And now my hungry mouth is 'pressed',
Upon Chocolate, which is the best!

Chocolate God sent me today,
So I lift my beefy arms and pray.

He also sent sweet, scrumptious, pie
That puts a twinkle in my eye.

Oh weight! So lost, is coming back?
As I, my face, I love to pack...

With naughty, nasty, calories,
that soon might make me more obese.

Now I must surely watch myself,
and exercise more than an elf.     (<==?? - oh well, it rhymes)

"But all is well" my stomach sighs,
"I sure can take this yummy prize!"

My craving, sated, lets my mind,
come back to those who are so kind,

That they, of me, today did think
So into depths, I did not sink.

And now I rub my empty pate,
Trying to think of words, it's late.

 So, Poems are made by fools like me.
 But desserts you make, are good to see.

State Fair

August 2009 (at the State Fair)

Alone in the crowd I look as I stand. 
And I notice that no one is taking my hand.
Like the teenage young couples who go by in stride.
Not knowing or seeing that I’m crying inside.

Alone at the Fair I see things “on a stick”.
I know that too much stuff can make me real sick.
So I don’t even go and ask for “just one”.
Alone at the Fair really isn’t much fun.

Alone on the street I look all around.
And sense that most others really are bound.
To somewhere or someplace that they’d like to go.
Perhaps for some food or the new Grandstand show.

Alone on the grass I have no place to run.
So I sit and I watch all the others have fun.
Some “old” people pass by and go every which way.
As I sit there and sigh and waste more of the day.

Alone at the Mini-Donut place my mouth waters.
I don’t get some tho, and I wonder who bothers.
To notice the middle aged man by himself.
Like some knick knack that sits alone on a shelf.

Alone in the lights my eyes soon glaze over.
But I look down and see a rare four-leaf clover.
“Just like me” I think, “and it’s doing just fine”.
So I thank the Lord for this one little sign.

Alone in a crowd?  Now I don’t quite think so.
And I think I am lucky from my head to my toe.
For a memory inside that is really quite sweet:
Of a time “we” came here and that time was real neat.

December 11, 2009

My song for Jenny's Wedding (without comment) that I sang to the tune of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" - not the traditional, but the Casting Crowns version...

I hear the bells at Christmas time
And wax nostalgic and sublime
I think its good and really neat
To know two people who are so sweet 
And now we meet together
We’re braving winter weather
To wish them love forever
Jenny and Juan are wed today 
We pay respect to mothers gone
To be without them seems too wrong
But family’s come together now
To bless our children in their vow
And with friends we gather
With sisters and with brothers
Does anybody wonder 
Why jenny and Juan are wed today?
I love them both, that much I’ll say
And pray for them each and every day 
God bless you both, on Him depend,
These prayers for you I’ll always send
Sometime I’ll send you on your way
El Salvador is warm they say
I’ll save up my vacation time
And on a beach I’ll make more rhyme. 
Juan, take care of my daughter
Always just like you ought-er
Or face the wrath of a father
Jenny and Juan, you’re wed today
Do you feel the love I’m bringin’
In this song that I am singin’
With all my heart I say it: que Dios les bendiga
Jenny and Juan
Jenny and Juan
Jenny and Juan
God bless you!

New Years Day 2010

(January 1, 2010)

As I wake up on this glad and sad day
The New Year has just begun.
Peeking through the shade just now,
A little ray of sun.

But in the night I just broke down.
I cried, and cried, and cried.
If someone would have heard me then
They'd think "someone just died".

It's been six months, yet seems so fresh
I really cannot tell.
If I am sinking into depths,
descending into Hell.

Or if I'm slowly rising up
and the ray of sun is hope.
I'm not Catholic, I can't ask
a Blessing from the Pope.

"Nothing to do" I think today:
It's really just a lie.
There's plenty that I can make  up
"Get busy, then, don't cry".

Fix broken headlight, get a battery check,
'twill prob'ly do some good.
A stroll around the local Mall
Will maybe lift my mood.

"It's not so bad" says ray of sun,
"this isn't how it ends".
"And you have got to learn some verse
For "Screwtape" and his friends."

So I get up, now "on my way"
I'll take the day in stride.
And pray that Someone is nearby
To be my Daily Guide.