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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

State Fair

August 2009 (at the State Fair)

Alone in the crowd I look as I stand. 
And I notice that no one is taking my hand.
Like the teenage young couples who go by in stride.
Not knowing or seeing that I’m crying inside.

Alone at the Fair I see things “on a stick”.
I know that too much stuff can make me real sick.
So I don’t even go and ask for “just one”.
Alone at the Fair really isn’t much fun.

Alone on the street I look all around.
And sense that most others really are bound.
To somewhere or someplace that they’d like to go.
Perhaps for some food or the new Grandstand show.

Alone on the grass I have no place to run.
So I sit and I watch all the others have fun.
Some “old” people pass by and go every which way.
As I sit there and sigh and waste more of the day.

Alone at the Mini-Donut place my mouth waters.
I don’t get some tho, and I wonder who bothers.
To notice the middle aged man by himself.
Like some knick knack that sits alone on a shelf.

Alone in the lights my eyes soon glaze over.
But I look down and see a rare four-leaf clover.
“Just like me” I think, “and it’s doing just fine”.
So I thank the Lord for this one little sign.

Alone in a crowd?  Now I don’t quite think so.
And I think I am lucky from my head to my toe.
For a memory inside that is really quite sweet:
Of a time “we” came here and that time was real neat.

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