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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Graduation Song

my words, - most of them - 
Tune is "O Wondrous Love" by John Peterson
Sung by me at Cindy's Masters Degree Celebration, June 7th, 2009

At Beth-el College I found her.
She's the one 'twas meant for me.
She was Swedish and said "ya-sure"
When I asked:  My Wife, she'd be...
Oh wondrous love she laid upon my soul.
To be my wife and then I'd be made whole.
Through all my days and then in Heav'n above
My song will silence never, 
     I'll always love her ever,
           And thank the Lord who reigns above.
Thirty-three years now she's been my wife
That is why to her I sing.
God has given us a good life
and such joy He doth us bring.
Oh wondrous love He laid upon our soul.
When man and wife we were made whole.
Through all our days and then in Heav'n above
Our song will silence never, 
     He'll always love us ever,
           So we will thank the Lord above.

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