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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A website, by me, of some of my verse!
Some poems will be better and some will be worse
No reason for rhyme, this is part of the fun
Now that I've started, am I under the gun?

Perhaps 'round these verses will be buttons to press
Then you'll find more of my stuff - till I learn how to dress
up this sight with pictures and sound
So all of your senses will maybe be drowned.

In past years, till now, and way far beyond
I have written some verse to throw into the pond
of reflection, and some times the falls of poor humor
Not all of it's great, is the talk and the rumor.

But it's mine, and it mostly came out of my brain
Inspired by love, and sometimes by pain
Sometimes it's just a thought popping my head
So I write it down and hope that you'll get it instead

I know this is most times just verses of rhyme
But sometimes I really will take quite some time
To put down deep things that come mostly at night
And mayhaps you'll think that my head isn't right

But it's me.  And you don't have to follow this blog
For sometimes I'll leave you in a bit of a fog
My purpose is oft to just make you blink
At others, it might be to just make you think.

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