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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To the Brown's

Two years ago now?  How time really flies!
Yet you remember like yesterday when your loved one just dies.
I know.  I remember.  I was there in your grief.
And in ways it's still hard, and in ways it's relief.

Relief  because you know where she's gone.
And quite possibly right now she is singing a song:
To her Lord up on high, what a glorious sight!
You'd like to sing with her, and well, you just might.

You can join her in remembering the mom that she was.
How she loved you and cared for you...   just because.
It's good to remember, and it's good to be sad,
It's ok - because then you can also be glad.

She's gone.  She no longer can talk to her child.
Or her husband, in soft tones, with eyes that are mild.
A house now is emptier, no voice from that room.
That you just took for granted each morning, or noon.

Yet she's here, in the things that you do every day.
She molded and shaped you, she's "in" you some way.
So you can go on, knowing some day you'll meet
And things then will be perfect, and good, and complete.

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