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Friday, May 12, 2017

Mothers Day

As mother’s day approaches, I think we feel the weight
Of loss of someone wonderful, whom we should celebrate.
She is not here to talk to, or to give her some nice flowers
Or sit with her and visit, and while away the hours.

Perhaps we can remember, that she’d usher us to church
And then maybe we'd go back home, she didn’t like to splurge.
I’d make something for dinner, and we’d sit down to eat
And say nice things for ‘mother’, and tell her she was sweet.

She really did appreciate, the time together she’d get
Perhaps we’d be in Lund, getting the store all set.
We’d help set out the books and things, and set up the displays,
She loved you all for being there, she did love you always.

This mother’s day I think that I, can try say one thing:
Your mother always loved you, not just one day in Spring.
If she could speak she’d tell you that, and say that she would pray
For all of you, and also that, she'll wait for you some day.

Oh how it would be nice, if we could go to way back when
And say more things we should have said, and say them all again.
Perhaps somehow she’s listening, and watching from above
So we can still give up our thanks, and for our mom, our love.

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